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Informal Meeting of Research Ministers February 14 and 15, 2024

Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre Wallon de la Recherche
© Vlad Vanderkelen

The informal meeting of the Competitiveness Ministers of the Research Council took place on February 14 and 15 at La Hulpe.

Willy Borsus, Vice-President and Minister for Research of Wallonia, who chaired the meeting in the presence of European Commissioner Lliana Ivanova, recalled the crucial role of research in Europe and the need to intensify the Union's strategic autonomy and enhance the valorization of knowledge.

The Belgian Presidency's three priorities for Research and Innovation are:

  • strategic autonomy;
  • enhancing the value of knowledge;
  • strengthening the role of research;

This informal meeting was an opportunity for the research ministers to discuss important issues such as the different impacts of the framework programs, the increased need for cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration between the various research players, and the role of research in the development of a low-carbon industry.



On the bangs of this ministerial meeting, Vice-President and Minister for Research Willy Borsus also spoke in the presence of European Commissioner lliana Ivanova in Brussels as part of the Multilateral Dialogue on the principles and values of international cooperation in research and innovation (R&I). R&I plays a central role in achieving the EU's overall objectives, and is essential for tackling pressing societal, global and economic challenges such as climate change, health and digital transformation. This multi-stakeholder dialogue brought together different partners and stakeholders from all over the world to discuss possible cooperation in the field of R&I. It was based on an open and inclusive exchange of views to jointly identify best practices.


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